It was previously reported that Apple has already killed their AR Glasses project. But a new leak seems to suggest otherwise.

MacRumors reported that they have inspected an internal development build of iOS 13 and found a STARTester app that can switch in and out of a head-mounted mode, presumably to replicate the functionality of an augmented reality headset on an iPhone for testing purposes. The two head-mounted states , “worn” and “held” , for testing seem to further prove that it is for the AR glasses.

A README file is also included describing a StarBoard system shell for stereo AR-enabled apps and a device codenamed “Garta”.

MacRumors also added that they have uncovered a number of strings related to a “StarBoard mode” and various “views” and “scenes”, mostly referencing augmented reality. Their latest findings in the internal Find My App bundle include an icon similar to an AR or VR Headset just like the Google Cardboard.