MANILA, PHILIPPINES – A new digital asset has just been added to the cryptocurrency family with the launch of “Pac” tokens by Manny Pacquaio. The boxing champion launched his very own altcoin during his free concert in Manila on 1 September. The event featured local singers and was attended by more than 2,000 fans and alike.

The “Pac” token will be listed on Singapore’s Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX) with investors such as Michael Owen and Sheik Khaled bin Zayed al-Nahyan, a royal from Abu Dhabi.

Manny Pacquaio is known as the People’s Champ in the Philippines. He won 12 major world titles as a professional boxer and was awarded “Fighter of the Decade in year 2000 by the Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA), World Boxing Organization (WBO), and World Boxing Council (WBC).

His popularity in boxing catapulted his political career as he was elected as a senator and will serve until 2022.

Images from his official Facebook page