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Mercedes-Benz Showcases “Vision Mercedes Simplex” with a Modern Touch of the Classic “35 PS”

Written by Kaikki
19 September 2019

Mercedes-Benz Design showcased “Vision Mercedes Simplex” at Design Essentials 2019 in Nice, a futuristic makeover of the Mercedes 35 PS. The concept electric car pays homage to the historical legacy and birth of the brand and embodies the future of Mercedes-Benz with its nostalgic and luxurious design and modern technology.

The futuristic car prototype is a revision of the Mercedes 35 PS, also known as Simplex, that debuted 118 years ago. Simplex was a luxurious car that established itself well with the elites and aristocrats, and acknowledged as the first modern car during its time. Its front engine and rear drive layout heralded a new era of vehicle design that every car brands follow up to now. It also dominated that year’s Race Week that took place on the famous racetrack from Nice to La Turbie.

The “Vision Mercedes Simplex” has a striking design that is both modern and vintage. The front radiator comes with a large lens-shaped Black Panel/3D display framed in rose gold where the Mercedes brand is displayed as well as the animations that include the vehicle status.

True to its luxurious design, the interior comes with high-quality openers for the stowage compartments, bench seat inspired by Chesterfield quilt, and Côte d’Azur-inspired azure blue upholstery cover. The high quality jewel-like finish of the concept car evident in the instrument panel, the precision screws and the belt design is also stunning.

The instrument panel is designed to show precisely only the information the driver requires in a specific driving situation projected digitally keeping the focus on the road. As with other concepts, only time will tell if this masterpiece will see the light of day.

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