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New Portal from Facebook Announced. Price starts at USD129

Written by Kaikki
19 September 2019

Facebook has added three new devices to the Portal family with new features that aim to provide immersive ways to connect with families and friends no matter the distance. The three new home video-calling devices are Portal, Portal Mini and Portal TV. All models allow end-to-end encrypted calls via WhatsApp in addition to Messenger calling.

The Portal and all-new Portal Mini have a sleek picture frame design that will fit seamlessly with any home interiors. The screen, 10-inch and 8-inch respectively, is an adaptive display that adjusts the brightness and colours depending on your surroundings. Both also have a built-in speaker for music listening. The portal TV is a camera that can be placed on top or below the television set and needs to be connected to the TV for video calling.

The new Portals are powered by Artificial Intelligence and feature Smart Camera that can intelligently pan and zoom so users can remain in the frame even when moving. The Smart Sound enhances the speaker’s voice while minimizing unwanted background noise.

As for privacy, the camera and microphone can be turned off with just a tap or by sliding the switch. There’s also a built-in cover for the lens. Facebook claims that the devices run even without connecting to their servers. Portal and Portal Mini acts as a digital photo frame when not in calls.

Other features of the Portal includes Story Time that brings stories to life with animation, music and AR effects. The award-winning children’s books Llama LlamaPete the Cat and Otto are available now. Video and music streaming are both supported as apps like Amazon Prime Video, SHOWTIME, CBS All Access, Starz, Pluto TV, Red Bull TV, Neverthink, Spotify, Pandora and iHeartRadio and iHeartRadio Family can be installed.

The Portal lineup will be available in the US, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. The portal Mini is priced at $129 USD, $179 USD for Portal and $149 US for Portal TV.

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