Filipinos are known not only as hospitable nation but also generous and kind.

A photo of a man stricken with cancer is currently trending in the Philippines, inspiring everyone to do good deeds. The picture shared by Richard Alvin Diaz has now been liked 123k times and shared by more than 32k people (just 7 hours after it was posted).

According to Alvin, one of the guys in their train carriage got curious about the cancer-stricken man when he seemed to be in pain when the train started to move. Apparently, the guy has stage 3 Leukemia and was heading to GMA 7 Network to ask for help for his medical expenses. People around who heard their conversation started pitching in and right before they reached his destination, they were able to collect enough money for his food, fare and medical lab test.

The comment section is currently filled with prayers, words of encouragement and offers of help.